Best english speaking service for miles !

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Founded in the Swiss real estate doldrums of the early 1990's when buyers were like gold dust, this small family company has steadily grown into a highly respected independent agency in the "La Côte" area.

Quality service and competence, where each individual counts and family homes are not just a figure in a bankers draft, over the years, this family (now mother-daughter) team has gained the confidence and appreciation of dozens of buyers and sellers alike, be they private or corporate.

Specifying in the sale (very often with sole agency listings) of residential property, ranging from the charming one-bedroom flat, to the classic family house, and right up the scale to the most luxurious lakeside mansion, located especially in Terre Sainte but anywhere between Versoix and Rolle.

Nicole's lengthy experience and personal knowledge of the real estate market and the area, and Catherine's youth and enthousiasm paired with over 10 years in the business plus the brilliant Brevet Fédéral de Courtier: both take pleasure and pride in providing serious professional advice and service to each and everyone of their clients.